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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Reviews

Horsenameographies: Life Stories in a Race Horse Name

Horsenameographies: Life Stories in a Race Horse Name editor and designer Rudolph Valier Alvarado and Caballo Press have put together a collection of horse names submitted by equine lovers and thoroughbred fans from around the world.

Horsenameographis introduces the reader to hundreds of horse names that capsulize the lives of those people who sent their names to Caballo Press over the course of months. Some of the names are touching, some humorous and others ironic. The names convey the loyalty, love, inspiration and the spirit of the many authors but the admiration for the horse is the common vein that runs throughout the book and it's pages.

It is an easy read with one or two names per page - some with photos of the individual authors, their inspirations and their horses. The book also gives insight into the sometimes entertaining and thoughtful world of actually naming thoroughbreds, a topic also covered briefly during most racing telecasts, print and internet media, but never in a large collection like Horsenameographies.

Hayseed's First Race
Author and illustrator Sally Schrock tell the story of Hayseed and the challenges of running in his first race.

In this children's book, Hayseed finds himself face to face with the beautiful and fast Perfect Prince yet remains undaunted as he parades onto to the track, despite the jeers from the attractive favorite.

Despite his confidence, Hayseed finds himself full of self-doubt and in last place as the race begins and must call on the lessons learned from his mother to keep trying. Yet before the end of the race, he must use a secret weapon if he is to defeat the dastardly Prince Perfect.

Some of the proceeds from Hayseed's First Race go to Anna House, the childcare center located at Belmont Park Race Track. Anna House is run by the non-profit Belmont Child Care Association which was established for the benefit of working families at New York area tracks and provides scholarship funds to those unable to afford the cost of the care.

The book is for childred ages 7 and younger and also includes print out activity sheets for pre-schoolers, kindergarterners, first graders and a second graders on the Caballo Press website.

To order Hayseed's First Race or Horsenameographies, go to the Caballo Press website.

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