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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Letter From Jockey Rene Douglas

I want to thank you for all your support, your prayers and all your messages. I've been trying to read all of your posts and little by little I will catch up.

I've been trying to start therapy but I've had a few issues with my lungs and that has prevented me from starting rehab in full. I'm getting stronger everyday with the help of my family and friends and I will give my best once I go back to rehab. The road ahead of me will be long and hard but I'm ready to face it and to do the best I can to complete it and to achieve the best results possible.

I would love to thank each one of you personally but if I did that I wouldn't have enough time to do therapy. Just know that I appreciate it and that your support inspires me everyday to continue and to give my all.

With Love,
Rene Douglas

Note: Jockey Rene Douglas remains hospitalized following a May 23 racing accident at Arlington Park near Chicago. The above letter was written by Rene and posted to the Rene Douglas Get Well Card on Facebook by his wife Natalia on June 30.

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