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Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Horses

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday. I don’t say that insolently looking for more happy birthday wishes. I say that to make a point.

Race trackers are a good lot.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably consider yourself a race-tracker. Whether you are a groom, trainer, jockey, owner or just fan, you’re a race-tracker. If you don’t consider yourself a race-tracker,… I suggest you consider it seriously. It is a good group.

I say that based on my birthday experiences yesterday on the internet. Quite frankly, I must say, it is something that I had never experienced before - at least on the internet and seldom good - or off the computer. They are steamers, hot tips, inside track winners.

Yes, there are plenty of horseracing prognosticators on the internet. They have websites, twitter accounts and facebook pages. And there are those serous players who like to share and discuss their selections as well. Some are better handicappers than others, but there seems to be something to learn from a great many of them.

But these tips were different. There were three of them. All came from different people. All three said simply “Happy Birthday Brock” then a horse’s name, race and track. One was posted on my Facebook wall and two came via direct message. There was nothing mysterious about them. They were all just different enough to nullify suspicion.

The first birthday steamer came on my Facebook page wall. The horse was Kindersley in the first race at Belmont Park. Now I’m not one to play many tips – I’ve just lost too much money believing too many other people. I have now reserved myself to losing money because of my lack of handicapping skill. It's not much more profitable, but it feels better.

But yesterday was different. It was my birthday so why not take a shot. After all, Kindersley was an attractive 6-to-1. Unfortunately, Kindersley encountered a little trouble shortly after the break of the one mile allowance race and was never able to catch the top two and finished third. I lost my small win bet, but certainly got an ample amount of action in return.

I returned to my Facebook page with a sigh and grin and again I found two more steamers. They were sent by two different Facebook friends from two enitely different parts of the country. Both of these tips were sent to my Facebook inbox, with more confidentiality than Kendersley, who was posted on my wall. But Kindersley's effort had me in the mood, so I decided to again plop down a small win bet on each of the new birthday tips.

The first came from my old stomping grounds at Louisiana Downs and was ridden by Quincy Hamilton, a former client of mine from my years as a financial advisor. Hudson’s Creed was also 9-to-2 so again, I took a shot with a small win bet. Hudson’s Creed broke on top and never looked back and I was rewarded with for my small endeavor.

Now I had house money and it was still my birthday.

The third steamer was like Hudson’s Creed in that he was running at yet another of my former stops on the horse racing trail, Hollywood Park. Lucky Primo was the tip and sure enough, Lucky Primo won the Golden State Cup for California-breds and returned a handsome $19.00.

I must also say that these tips were not sent to me by close friends. Although additional thought says they probably should be. They are just some acquaintances of mine in the interesting world that is social media. It is interesting in that I don’t believe I have ever received three good horse racing tips in one day. It is very seldom that one good steamer is passed my way on any given race day.

But yesterday was my birthday and these seemed as unique as they eventually turned out. There may also be an old race track rule that you don’t tout some nag to somebody on their birthday. If not. There should be. Regardless, I think the whole experience says something about horse people in general. They may not always have a lot to give, but when they do, it is sincere. At least it sure felt that way yesterday.

Thanks friends.

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