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Monday, December 7, 2009

Announcing The 2009 TBA Photo Contest

Announcing the annual Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance photo contest. As we used to say in the old Quarter Horse days.... Open To The World! Professional and amateur, fun, serious or pretty. The rules and where to enter are below.

Here are the rules for this year:
Can submit up to 3 photos taken this year; subject matter horse
Submissions: email the photo to
Submissions due by 12/13/2009 (sunday)
Voting for top ten will be 12/14 through 12/20 (monday through
Sunday), will be able to vote on multiple pictures, but we ask only
vote on 3.

Top 10 photos will be chosen to enter the final round.
Voting on winner will be 12/21 through 12/27
winner announced.
Prize = The picture will be featured on the photo page, and the photog
given the opportunity to link to anything they want and to say
whatever they want (provided it abides to civil discourse, and doesn't
say anything bad about the TBA ;-D ).

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