The Brock Talk

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Santa

(Cartoon by Remi Bellocq)

Dear Santa,
I've been a pretty good boy this year, (relatively speaking I guess), and it's early December, so I thought I better write my Christmas list and send it to you here pretty quick.

I hate to be a pain about this Santa, but I really, really want a Triple Crown winner this year. I know they're hard to make and it's not the elves specialty or area of expertise. But if they can squeeze it in during some of their down time in January and February, we really don't need delivery during the peak holiday season.

And forget the Derby exacta. I can do without the Derby exacta if you work on the Triple Crown winner for me.

Just a thought. You knew I was going to ask.

I also want a good leg for Summer Bird and if you can put a little "good will to all men" in Quality Road's stocking.... those guys on the starting gate are just trying to help. Careless Jewel could probably use a little of that stuff too, but I wouldn't waste any on Rachel Alexandra. I don't think she's going to be good will to any men, mares or foes this year and I think we both agree she has all the magic she needs.

It's been a very rough year on lots of people Santa, but we have some friends in racing that have been dealt some pretty big challenges. For them and everybody who may be needing a little extra Christmas spirit this year, put a little extra under the tree from all of us... will ya?

This gift is not quite so noble and I'm sure you don't normally stop at racetracks, but if you have any extra high definition television cameras when your making a final pass, there'd be lots of happy girls and boys in your 21 and older demo if you'd drop a few extra at a track or two. We'd sure like to see horse racing not lag too far behind in an area (television) that is so vital to our sport.

Before you go Santa, a few more small items... continued stardom for Chantal Sutherland. Regardless if she re-appears on the successful TV series Jockeys or not, she's good for racing.... A step ladder for Zenyatta's new boy friend is probably appropriate... nice homes for all the retired race horses... and peace on earth, good will to all men.

Thanks Santa and Merry Christmas,

PS: Remind Blitzin he still owes me $10 for the basketball pool.


Luvbarbaro said...

I like the "relatively speaking part", but I couldn't agree with you more. We definitely need a Triple Crown winner in 2010. I have also been worried about Summer Bird, hope all is well with his leg. Zenyatta needs to not retire, so she & Rachel will finally meet outside of CA & battle for the BEST mare in the world award. :>)

Great column Brock!

Brian Zipse said...

We all hope that Santa is listening Brock!

EquiSpace said...

Great post the cartoon...hilarious.

Sharla Sanders, Founder, The Second Race said...

Thank you for supporting CERF, the artwork done by the race horses, makes a great gift!!

Thank you Brock!!

Sharla Sanders

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