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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Retired Racehorses Survive Island Budget Cuts

ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS, ARCTIC CIRCLE--In a Tuesday press conference here inside the arctic circle, Island of Misfit Toys governor King Moonracer (photo below) said he will again be helping retired race horses find homes during the Christmas season.

King Moonracer is responsible for flying around the world each night in search of unwanted toys. In 1935, a deal was forged between Moonracer and Santa Claus of the North Pole to help find homes for these misfit toys.

Two years later, seven-year-old Suzy Angelino of Pawtucket, Rhode Island wrote to Claus in an official "letter to Santa" asking for help in finding a home for a thoroughbred living at Narragansett Park. Angelino, whose father owned apple and carrot distributorships near racetracks throughout the United States and thus had a certain amount of influence among the equine racing set, soon had Seabiscuit and War Admiral using their immense influence in the animal kingdom to pressure Moonracer into a deal.

The relationship has stood strong for more than 80 years now with King Moonracer and Claus helping to find homes for these racehorses. However, the recent downturn in the world economy has caused budget cuts at the Island Of Misfit Toys. Many feared these cuts would impact certain divisions on the Island including finding homes for retired racehorses. Therefore today's announcement comes as a welcome message during the holiday season.

North Pole Elves Corporation press secretary Gladys Magilicutty, whose father Spanky was a jockey, said "The Elfin community has been proud to support this effort to help retired race horses. Plus, our equine division has been slow since the demise in popularity of the rockin' horse as a Christmas toy and "horse cakes" never quite caught on like we projected."

In a jesture of appreciation, retired race horse foundations, farms and organizations have pledged to help King Moonracer and the Island of Misfit Toys in any way. If you would like to help click on any of the retired racehorse links below.

To learn more about adopting a retired race horse, click here.

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Sharla Sanders, Founder, The Second Race said...

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