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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Derby Picks So Far...

Tough to Beat
I Want Revenge, Pioneerof the Nile
I Think They Can Win But...
Desert Party, Dunkirk, Papa Clem,
Muskat Man, West Side Bernie, Hold Me Back

I'll refine and probably change this as the Derby gets closer. I'll also try to formulate some kind of trifecta ticket.


Waquiot said...

From the man who brought you:

1) Holy Bull
2) Point Given
3) Aflet Alex
4) Sham
5) Plugged Nickel
6) Curlin
7) Snow Chief
8) Groovy
9) Cowboy Cal

and many more.

Unknown said...

One would be remiss not to include Search on the above list. Talk about Texas-bred greatness.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you get into all the statistics and breeding. I am purely a novice and do read the stats, However I always have to make my selection by the way the horse looks in the post parade.
So I am usually running to the betting window.
I dont pick them by name or color. Whats your thoughts on this?

Unknown said...

I advise everybody to use their eye when trying to pick winners. Some people really have a natural talent for looking at horses and finding winners. The post parade can be a very helpful tool.