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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Message from the Theriot Family

Author's Note: This message was sent to the Rene Douglas Get Well Card by Dawn Theriot, the wife of jockey Jamie Theriot. Jamie Theriot has been suspended for 30 days for his role in the accident.
Dear Rene and Family

Jamie and I are deeply sorry for what happened Saturday...Our hearts go out to you and your wife Naty. I spoke with her on Saturday after this happened and she was very distraught and all I could do is cry for her because being a jocks wife I feel her pain.

On Jamie's behalf this was never done intentionally like everyone is saying. I tried to reassure your wife that but that was the last thing she wanted to hear and I completely understand where she was coming from. I know you and Jamie had your differences but Jamie always thought of you as a great guy and awesome rider.

Please keep your chin up Rene and I pray for you everyday and every minute that goes by...You are a very strong guy and you will come out of this. I have faith in you and you have a strong back up YOUR WIFE!!!!
Once agian we are so sorry

Dawn Theriot

2 comments: said...

Dawn and Jamie,
Although I have never met you and did not see the race, I do understand your pain. I, also, come from a racetrack family, my dad and my husband were jockeys. It is very unfortunate that people are quick to judge others. As we all know, spills happen all the time, some more tragic than others. Although, Jamie was suspended for 30 days, the pain he is experiencing is far greater than the ruling he received. We are deeply saddened for both your family and of course Rene's family, as well. We keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. I think our energy should be spent on praying for Rene to heal.

Brock said...

Well said.