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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preakness Picks

We would love to hear from you and your pick for the Preakness. Post your pick here in the comment section.


ReneC said...

Friesan Fire is my choice. Also like Muskat Man.

SwapsMan said...

Mine That Bird and Pioneerof the Nile in a repeat of the Derby exacta.

Maddie4361 said...

1 - Pioneerof the Nile
2- Dunkirk
3 - Rachel Alexandra

Anonymous said...

Look for Lukas. Flying Private at 50-1.

Deb_n_Kansas said...

I saw RA win on Oaks Day. You go girl!!

matthew.denny said...

I like Papa Clem, he was my Derby horse and he has improved more than the others in the last 3 months, also we he rolls in the lane I like to shout, "Call me Big Poppa"

The Real McCoy said...

once you have gone to that other dimension, no wagering, you see things differently. I like All/All/All post sobriety. Hold on now, before you stone me.......In the Derby it would have cost $6,840 yet paid $41,000. Grasshopper leaves the Temple often now. That damn pebble.

Waquiot said...

I like Papa Clem on top of Rachel Alexandra. Maybe not that doesnt sound very good.

Byron King said...

"Ma ma ma Musket Man..."

Ray Paulick said...

Feel free to use my Preakness Index.

The Paulick Preakness Index
1. Rachel Alexandra
2. Pioneerof the Nile
3. Papa Clem

Note by Brock Sheridan
See the entire Paulick Preakness Index and selections by other racing experts at The Paulick Report at:

Pete said...

Ray Paulick stole my picks!!! Just Kidding, I think Papa Clem is the weakest link in that tri, I'll probably have another one with a different horse on the bottom. Pete

CowboyPhil said...

Friesan Fire will be en fuego!

Anonymous said...

AMERICAN RASCAL (the four-year-old Texas-Bred Gelding, who shuttles between Rockdale and Grand Prairie) picks:

1) Mine That Bird (Hey, us geldings have to stick together).

2) Rachel Alexandra (they should have left her with Hal, and she would have won).

3) Pioneerof the Nile( because he's been to all the tracks I'll never see, like Saratoga, Keeneland, Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Churchill). I'm stuck down here with Retama, Houston and the Gillespie Co. Fair).

Bark said...

Dear Mr. Talk,
Before revealing my Preakness contenders, we must first check with the National Weather Service:

TODAY: A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon.
TONIGHT: A slight chance of showers and a thunderstorm.
SATURDAY: Showers and thunderstorms likely.
So, with the likely probability of “sloppy” or most-certainly wet-track conditions, here are my top-5contenders in-order:

Rachel Alexandra
Musket Man
Pioneer of the Nile
Friesan Fire
Big Drama

If however the track were rated “fast”, the top-5 contenders in order would be:

Rachel Alexandra
Big Drama
Musket Man
Pioneer of the Nile
General Quarters

OaktownABQ said...

Rachel Alexandra, especially if the track comes up wet. She's proven what she can do on a wet track!

SureBetGreg said...

This years triple crown chase is very entertaining. So many stories it is making my head spin. I would like to go against the filly in the Preakness but it is just too hard to go against such a monster. Big Drama bring his win streak into the Preakness and could be the real deal. But from SureBet Racing there are no surprises: We are going with Rachel.

West said...

1. Rachel Alexandra
2. Friesan Fire
3. Big Drama

priscilla said...

I think the filly will come on strong to beat the boys.She looks determined.