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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rene Douglas Update

In response to the many members of the Rene Douglas Get Well Card group on Facebook, my e-mail and on this blog, we have spoken with many people and groups to determine where best to offer support for jockey Rene Douglas, who suffered neck and back injuries Saturday at Arlington Park.

Today we have either spoken to or corresponded with Anthony Granitz, the President of the Illinois division of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America, and sources with the Jockeys' Guild and the Permanently Disabled Jockeys' Fund. All have ask that you direct you support to the Permanently Disable Jockeys' Fund of which we have posted a link to their web-site on the upper right hand section of this blog

At this time the jockey colony and other officials at Arlington Park are coordinating efforts to organize a fund raising event specifically for Rene Douglas and his family. However, those details have yet to be formulated. We will keep you appraised of any such event or fund raiser here at The Brock Talk.

At the time of this posting we have had more than 1,700 members join the Rene Douglas Get Well Card group on Facebook. There you will find a discussion group and an opportunity to leave your comments and good wishes for the family.

We are in the process of determining the best and most appropriate way to make sure the family knows of everyone's support, intentions and prayers. You may leave additional comments here on The Brock Talk in the comments section below, and we will see that they are seen by the family and Rene.


Liana said...

Rene, the road will be long and trying. Just when you think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, the racing world will be there to hoist you back into the saddle again. Fight hard and strong and we will see you riding champions again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

BELIEVE, Rene. You will not only walk again but you will be in the saddle racing the thoroughbreds again. I am a healer and I am sending you healing every moment--I think of you every waking moment, minute, hours of each day and will continue to do so . . . . Your angels are hovering over you and you will be healed. In fact, you are being healed as you rest at this moment. I await to hear of your progress.

Ramona Pena Nied said...

I am sure I speak for so many people who are deeply saddened by the incident which left Rene in such bad condition. My dad was a jockey and died because of a morning spill at Pimlico years ago and my husband is a former jockey. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rene and his family. Thank you for keeping us updated. God Bless...
Ramona Pena Nied and Danny Nied

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for starting the card for Rene and keeping us posted
on what we can all do as a group.
I pray all goes well for Rene and his family. Its times like this that remind us that we must support
and give all year round.

Anonymous said...

Well wishes from Chicago. Get well, be strong and my thoughts are with you in these trying times. If there is ANYTHING that I can help with I will do so. You bring much joy to me and will again when I see you race. Stay strong and know there are millions behind you. Go get em' Rene!!!