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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Actual Preakness Trifecta Ticket

I'm hesitantly keeping to my confictions and trying to beat the favorite Rachel Alexandra. Although I just don't have enough courage to leave her completely off the ticket. Keeping Pioneer out of 1st and 2nd is also a tough one, but unless you want to play a bigger, more expensive ticket... you have to take a shot.


Total Cost = $24 (For a $1 trifecta.)

If you like the filly, don't hesitate to play the "all" button we have talked about. That ticket look would look like this perhaps.

13 (Rachel Alexandra) Must finish first.
3-5 (Friesan Fire, Muskat Man) Must finish second.
All - Anybody else can finish third.

Total Cost = $22 (For a $1 trifecta)

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